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Издатель:                    Иванов Алексей Евгеньевич

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2310-5887 (online)

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Экономические науки
Improvement of analysis methods of labor resources with regard to specific activities tube production
Khilay I.V. 1

1. South Ural State University (National Research University)


The article is devoted to improvement of analysis methods of the status and la-bor resources using in the pipe industry enterprises. Modern methods of the work-force analysis in industrial enterprises are described, including main indicators and ratios. The characteristics of the pipe industry as one of ferrous metallurgy sub-sectors are given. Labor organization and organizational processes in the pipe industry enterprises are described. The article shows specific problems that may occur during economic analysis of labor resources at pipe companies. The economic analysis methods and human resources using methods are suggested, taking into account specific features of pipe production. An effectiveness analysis method of complex teams at enterprises is suggested. The choice of the labor productivity calculation in natural scale because of the pipe production specific is established. It is proposed to take into account the cost of paying for downtime caused by the employer as part of the labor costs analysis. In order to analyze the degree of influence change in the labor force in the performance efficiency of the use of personnel on pipe industry enterprises, it is recommended to compare the rate of change in the population with the rate of change of other indicators, including the production dynamics.

Keywords: especially the labor organization, analysis methods, pipe industry, economic analysis, human resources

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