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Издатель:                    Иванов Алексей Евгеньевич

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Экономические науки
The methods of enterprise financial stability analysis
Kiseleva Yu.A. 1

1. South Ural State University (SRU)


The article reflects the importance of multifactorial analysis. The author considers different views on the understanding of financial stability from the point of view of its advantages and disadvantages. As a result, the author reveals the essence of financial stability and formulates a new definition of this concept. Then, financial stability is divided into internal and external, formed under the influence of relevant factors. In the text these factors are listed along with a description of the process of their influence on studied object and their evaluation methods. Special attention is given to analytical indicators which form the basis of the methodology in the analysis of the investigated object in the article. There presents the calculation mechanism of financial ratios, which serve as the relative indicators. These ratios allow to evaluate the qualitative composition of the sources of funds. In this article the author describes the absolute indicators and their role in determining the type of financial stability. Each type reflects the sources used by an economic entity in the formation of current assets. The role of evaluation of financial leverage is also emphasized in the analysis of financial stability. Furthermore, general economic methods are marked which can be used in the analysis of indicators of financial stability in the form of horizontal, vertical, and statistical analysis. And, finally, a three-factor model is shown, which is characterized by an absolute, normal, pre-crisis and unstable financial stability. This typology based on different ratios of debt and equity, that is reflected in the success of the company and its ability to meet its liabilities.

Keywords: financial stability ratios., the types of financial stability, relative indicators, absolute indicators, financial stability

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