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Theoretical-methodological basics of designing distribution networks in supply chain of pharmaceutical products
Khalatyan S.G. 1

1. The Department of Commerce and logistics Rostov State University of Economics


The main problems of intermediary structures in the chain of delivery of pharmaceutical products are distinguished in the article, and different aspects of pharmaceutical distributing companies’ dealing in modern conditions are also analyzed. The research relevance is that one of the main factors in the development of the Russian pharmaceutical market is a dynamic and effective functioning of the wholesale branch in the chain of pharmaceutical products’ delivery. This is stipulated so that the dominant intermediate link between manufacturers and retailers in the pharmaceutical market are distribution companies. The effective distribution of pharmaceutical products’ arrangement should be the main direction of improving of the work with pharmacies, hospitals, social institutions that will provide the possibility of reducing of the total logistic costs throughout the delivery chain. The work presents the general mechanism of engineering and planning of distributive network structure for the output of the regional distributors to the pharmaceutical market of other regions of our country, where the aspects, of logistics management for regional distributing company in constructing its own branch network, are determined. The author systematized and ranked types of work in the development of the conception of an office-warehouse unit and its equipment that need to be vended to pharmaceutical distributors in the implementation of the network distributive model of the allocation of pharmaceutical products in expanding markets.

Keywords: pharmaceutical market, distributor, logistics, supply chain, logistics network structure, planning, region, the wholesale segment of the market

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