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Издатель:                    Иванов Алексей Евгеньевич

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Экономические науки
Golovinov O.N. 1, Pogorelov A.V. 1

1. Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade Mikhail Tugan-Baranowski


The article explains the relationship between the globalization of the world economy and the creation of a global market of economic crime that has become an integral component of the world economy. The main directions of the legal and criminal business development transformed under the influence of globalization processes are identified, their similarities and differences are shown. The factors leading to use of economic crime by economic subjects in the competition at national and global markets are considered. The conditions leading to increased property differentiation between countries, social stratification and the impact on the economic crime dynamics are analyzed. The relatiance of the growth of population income differentiation on increase economic efficiency and competitiveness of businesses is demonstrated. The relationship between globalization and human way of life is shown, the transformation of economic criminal activity to the norm of life and behavior in society accepted by majority of the population is described. The definite relationship between the processes of former totalitarian states democratization and economic crime globalization is shown up. The process of merging of the legal and criminal businesses commercial interests with representatives of political institutions is researched as well as this trend spread to most areas of economic activity both in national and global scale. There are identified negative effects of the world financial sector globalization and its exposure to economic crime leading to uncertainty increase, enhance of depth and extent of the global economic crisis. Measures aimed at creating an effective mechanism to prevent the spread and control of economic criminal activities are set forward.

Keywords: economic globalization, economic crime, the global economy, legal business, criminal business, government, information society, economic policy, cyber crime, trans-nationalization, economic security

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