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Издатель:                    Иванов Алексей Евгеньевич

Адрес редакции: 454080,       г. Челябинск, пр-т им. В.И. Ленина, д. 85, ауд. 580/2 

e-mail: updater.euii@yandex.ru

Тел./факс: (351)2679391


2310-5887 (online)

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Экономические науки
Yamilov R.M. 1

1. Polytechnic Institute (branch) of the Izhevsk state technical University named after M. T. Kalashnikov


With the development of the modern economy arose optimize the activities of economic subjects of agriculture. With increasing communication distance has the problem of effective activity of economic agents. This is especially true for agriculture. Agriculture is strictly connected with the earth, as the principal means of production. The earth actually defines the logic and the specifics of relations in agriculture. Therefore, one of the main methods, sometimes only optimize the activities of economic entities agriculture is the characters. The author suggested the development of regional agricultural complex on example of the Udmurt Republic as the way to resolve the efficiency of agricultural activities. The aim of this work was the substantiation of formation of territorial-agricultural complex. The development of regional agricultural complex is based on original concepts of agricultural profiling and communication accessibility. The author investigated agricultural agglomeration agglomeration. The author has developed a conceptual framework of agricultural profiling. The author suggested the use profile of a biological asset. Profile of a biological asset is a synthetic result of subprofile productivity, subprofile fertility, subprofile conditions. Profiles of biological assets are the basis of the formation of the agricultural profile of a specific territory. The author suggested that based on the agricultural profile simplified version of the calculations of the choice of biological assets for the Udmurt Republic. The author has supplemented the conceptual framework of communication distance. The author conducted a zoning of biological assets regarding producing nuclei on the basis of the intensity of agricultural production processes. The author has proposed a new classification of agricultural zoning. The author showed a new way of zoning based on the concepts of agricultural profiling and communication accessibility. The author suggested the use of distant-pasture method in dairy farming based on the concept of communication availability to resolve production constraints communication availability of dairy farming with the use of the rolling stock producing the core. The author investigated the limitations of using market mechanisms in agriculture, with indication of the main reasons. The author substantiates the necessity of state involvement in the formation of the territorial

Keywords: communication the availability of agriculture, a biological asset, biological asset subprofile, agricultural profiling, agricultural agglomeration, zoning, territory, territorial-agricultural complex that produces the core of agriculture, the secondary producing the core, producing a movable core, a public-private partnership

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