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Издатель:                    Иванов Алексей Евгеньевич

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Экономические науки
Golovinov O.N. 1, Dmitrichenko L.A. 2

1. Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky
2. Associate Professor of Economic Theory


Abstrakt. In the article the analysis of preconditions of occurrence and development of startups as a form of development of small innovative entrepreneurship is done. We consider the problem of state regulation of innovative development in domestic and foreign economic practice. It identifies main directions and spheres of activity of startups, prospects of preferred geographic location. It has been done reseach on organizational forms of creation of startups. The gap between the challenges of building an innovative national economy and the obvious lack of quality innovation projects are substantiated. The importance of startups to overcome obstacles on the way of innovative development. The economy recommendations on improvement of mechanisms of encouraging innovation are determined. The value of the startups in ensuring real economic growth, improving production efficiency, analyzes place and role of startups in a modern postindustrial economy are determined. The most important factors of possible success of a startup are identified. It shows the relationship between financial literacy and startups to attract venture financing, especially at the earliest stages of the project. The functional significance of the examination system startups are substantiated. The most important risk factors of creation of startups are identified. We have studied the factors leading to negative results in the implementation of innovative projects and possible methods of their elimination.

Keywords: innovation, startup high-tech production, competitiveness, state innovation policy, national innovation system, innovation infrastructure, venture capital, startups

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