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The state regulation aspects of exchange policy of the Russian Federation in modern conditions
Lobov A.V. 1

1. Kuban State University


The regulation aspects of the Russian Federation monetary policy have been analyzed in the article, which have a significant impact on the economic development of the country and overcoming the existing problems in it. The relevance of the chosen theme is emphasized by the present situation in the state due to economic sanctions, lower oil prices and other destabilizing factors. The main goal of the article is to determine the optimal parameters of the state currency regulation, which are required in the present economic and political conditions. Such tasks as identification and analysis of tools that used in control(regulatory instruments)of monetary policy of the Russian Federation, the identification of the parameters of these instruments, the determination of significant deficiencies in their use and causes, the research of the impact of possible changes in monetary policy on economic growth, stability and other parameters have been resolved to achieve this goal. In the process of the research it was used not only the statistical data and the information from official sources, but legal documents, theoretical works of scientists, expert reports of experts as well. The result of the study is the optimal regulatory parameters of monetary policy to ensure the effective functioning of economic institutions in the Russian Federation, as well as the development of foreign economic cooperation.

Keywords: currency regulation instruments, currency regulation, monetary policy

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