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2310-5887 (online)

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Экономические науки
Timoshenko E.S. 1, Murasheva N.I. 1

1. South Ural State University


In article the main approaches of carrying out audit (object and cyclic) are considered and characterized. Advantages and diasadvantages of the considered approaches, and also a number of restrictions in their use are revealed. Owing to these restrictions, the author of article offered the new, “combined” approach to carrying out audit which essence consists in a mix of object and cyclic approaches. The combined approach is based on a method of the directed testing that allows to reduce considerably labor costs and time for carrying out audit, and helps carrying out more detailed check. Thus, the combined approach mixes the main advantages of object and cyclic approaches. On the basis of an indicator of labor productivity the audit effectiveness ratio inspection was developed and checked in practice. Also the set of the factors influencing components of this ratio is presented in article. The comparative analysis of efficiency of the combined and object approaches application was carried out. Efficiency of an audit inspection was considered by the example of carrying out audit of two organizations. The results of the carried-out analysis were proved the efficiency of audit using combined approach.

Keywords: the coefficient of efficiency of the audit, combined approach, cyclical approach, object approach, audit

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